How You Can Help the Hoyts

Donating to the Hoyts through eMi

To make a donation to the Hoyt family's account at eMi (a non-profit             501(c)(3) corporation), go to order for your donation to directly help support the Hoyt family, please be sure to designate Steve and Melinda Hoyt in the "Donation Designation" box.  To receive a free gift featuring Steve's artwork, as a thank you for your donation, read Mercy's Story.

Becoming a Monthly Supporter of the Hoyt Family

Another way to help support the Hoyt family is by pledging to become a monthly supporter (both financial and prayer support are welcome!).  To join Steve and Melinda's team of monthly supporters, please send an
e-mail to Steve at  Please include in your e-mail how you pledge to support Steve and his family (e.g., prayer support and/or the amount of monthly financial support).  Steve will then set you up as a monthly supporter. Please keep in mind that even a monthly financial pledge of $5 or $10 (or more!) makes a difference.  Of course, only pledge as the Lord leads you to do so.  By becoming a monthly supporter, Steve will also add you to his e-mail list to receive periodic updates on their ministry in Uganda.

Starting Your Own Adopt-the-Hoyts Program

This is an exciting opportunity for groups (e.g., families, homeschool groups, Christian schools, churches, youth groups, etc.) who would like to help support the missions work of the Hoyts through educational awareness as well as financial and prayer support.  Please visit the webpage Adopt-the-Hoyts Program for more information.